21 December 2021

Benefits of a 100% timber-framed building

The most characteristic feature of Wittywood is its all-wood structure. Using only this material in construction offers many advantages, both for users and for the environment. In this last case, we can state that sustainability has been the main goal that this building has pursued since it was designed.

The choice of wood over other materials is based on a reduction of the energy during the construction, as it requires 24 times less energy than conventional concrete construction. In this way, 50% less carbon dioxide is released because the building also acts as a CO2 storage, which considerably reduces emissions that affect global warming.

However, the benefits are endless: this type of material is a renewable and inexhaustible resource, its waste does not have a negative impact on the planet and it is highly recyclable.

For the user, it has healthy properties that help absorb electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones, televisions and computers, while regulating the humidity inside spaces and dampening noise.


Finally, the advantages of using wood to build offices are countless compared to other construction methods if the goal is to achieve sustainability. For this reason, an increasing number of cities are beginning to introduce this type of construction into their skyline.